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London, Großbritannien
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Well, it all started.. Our father was in hospital a few years ago now for an operation and visiting him one day while he was recovering, we looked at and read the many 'get well' cards he'd received. One in particular stood out and made us laugh so much. It was a cartoon-like card with a simple drawing on the front of a person in a hospital bed and text that read 'You've had an operation!' Inside, the person it was from had written their personal goodwill wishes. Both of us looked at each other and in hysterics, we thought how funny the card was (humour being a great force for recovery) but that it didn't go far enough - specific enough. And so Surgical Celebrations by TwoTwistedSisters was born. That day, sitting with our Dad in hospital, the two of us conjured up some greetings cards celebrating the weird, the wonderful and very important world of surgical procedures, all with our (we admit) slightly warped sense of humour. It made us giggle and our Dad too which was lovely. We know it's niche, but if it amuses you and you know it will bring a smile to the face of someone about to undergo or recovering from an operation, then treat them to a very special and specific celebratory card and/or gift. They are thought up with the utmost sincerity and fun and we know, we have more work to do.
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