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Over 1500 Stickers to chose from! Trailer Hitch covers, too!
Spokane, Washington, USA
Über mich/uns
I have liked bumper stickers since I was a little kid. I once had a book, that was a collection of funny bumper stickers and I read it over and over. Now I can make my own! There is a fun challenge of creating a phrase that is long enough to make a point or tell a joke, but short enough to fit on a sticker with letters big enough to read from the inside of another moving car. Challenge accepted! Also, I have an interest in traffic laws and unwritten rules. I grew up in a generation that still had free traffic safety classes in High school. I didn't finish the work the first time and actually went through the course twice. I have seen a deterioration of good driving practice as I commute and I put some thought into why this is happening. I have a theory that is a combination of a couple of things. 1. Traffic safety, or Drivers Education as we called it back in the day, is too expensive for public education. Most likely because of insurance costs, the schools have gone to the private sector. Since this cost money for the kids to take, a lot of kids just wait until they are old enough to apply for a license without taking a traffic safety course and they learn on their own, but they learn just enough to pass the test! 2. Years ago, there was very little to do in a car when we were kids. One thing to do was watch your parent drive and learn how to operate a vehicle. We even learned from our parents mistakes and their verbal abuse of the other drivers that your parents didn't "agree" with. Now, kids have DVD players, video games, cell phones and all kinds of distractions as they ride. They don't have time to watch their elders and learn through observation. 3. Cell Phones. enough said there. Also, I would like to say that we can think outside the big metal box with wheels. Bumper stickers are not just for cars! Slap one of these beauties on your golf cart, or horse trailer, or RV or.....have fun!
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