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Sicc Surfing Co.
All Beaches Around The World!!!, Earth, USA
Über mich/uns
Have you ever done or tried anything in life that made you feel real, almost close to God? Dropping in on your first wave, catching your first tube. The feeling, the rush, the sensation of conquering something more powerful than you are. That is something that NO ONE can ever take away from you and your soul. I wanted to make a product that every time you have on a Sicc Surfing Co. product that it reminds you and takes you back to the beginning where it all started. That first wave you fell off to the overcoming of the sea. To picking yourself back up and getting right back on the board. Its something that only few in this world would understand. Sicc Surfing Co. A New Wave Of Peace! Surf your way into the new Sicc Surf Co! Catch the next big wave into hot surf gear! Tread into the next big thing! Our new surf gear will make any surfer stoked! So give us a try and check out our newest gear to come!
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