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Though not exclusively, RicasGifts sources and incorporates in some designs, images, from old books and other records that were produced in the 18th to the 20th century. The late 19th and early 20th century, the so-called "Golden Age" of children's illustrated books, gave rise to quite a number of talented artists who created some of the finest works of art ever created for children’s literature. Our designs are offered on everyday-products, thus giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy these timeless, images which would otherwise have sat on the shelves of libraries around the world collecting dust. It should be noted that these images are over a hundred years old; yet they are amazing, and yes, many bring back early childhood memories for some of us. Some of our favorite illustrators are Edward Lear, Kate Greenaway, Jessie Wilcox-Smith, M.T. Ross, Beatrix Potter, and Walter Crane. There is a vast amount of images and products on this site and so we have tried to make the shopping and browsing experience much easier by organizing products into several COLLECTIONS. For a better experience in navigation please click on the word 'COLLECTION' from the menu above then continue to the various collections nestled within the site.
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