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Pretty patterns of the past, re-purposed for the present.
South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA
Über mich/uns
You've arrived at the cross section of new and old...new styles reflecting beautifully inspired patterns borrowed from the past. The focus is leggings, but now and again, I'll find inspiration to put a pattern on a home accent or other item. "Butt" let's talk leggings..... We've got two styles of leggings...let's call them the "V" butts and "patterned" butts. We are all about accenting and distracting... My designs are inspired by vintage porcelain plates. As such, if the plate had a really beautiful border, I may choose to include it, which results in the design wrapping around your body, creating a "V" at the butt. As most of us cover our butts, this design takes full advantage of the pattern along the ankles, back of the legs and hips, where coverage and distraction is often a very good thing...and let's face it, most of us are hiding our butts. For those of you who don't like to hide your butt, we've got patterns that focus on just a part of the china pattern. Those designs cover your butt along with your legs with beautiful patterns. Hence the "V' butt and regular butt! I've been a collector of vintage pieces for over 30 years and am inspired by their stories and the details of the workmanship to design wearables and home decor items for you. The PorcelainPuff has given me the opportunity to share my passion for collecting and preserving past pleasantries, while inspiring designs applicable to today. The best part about working with Zazzle manufacturers is that if you aren't completely happy with the item, you let them know and they will make sure the problem is solved!
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