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From my minds eye, my view of the world as it is and as it could be
Vancouver, Washington
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I have always been an artist, since the first day I learned to hold a crayon in my little fist. Over the years, through good times and bad, my art has evolved as my skills have evolved and my experiences have shaped me. I love to create and capture imagery, both real and imagined, both bright and hopeful and dark and desperate. I am a lifelong sufferer of severe depression and anxiety, and these things have shaped my work in all kinds of ways. And in turn, my work has helped shape how i cope with my illnesses, my art is my therapy, my anchor in a crazy world, and I am happy to share bits of my visions with you. And if you are a lover of unique handcrafted art, come see what I have in my Etsy store! I make one-of-a-kind jewelry and sculpture using acrylic casting resin, perhaps you'll find something you'll love. Just head to Etsy and look for Peacheserratica!
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