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Elevate your consciousness.
Nova Scotia, Kanada
Über mich/uns
New Age Inspiration is for anyone looking for meaning in their life but in less orthodox ways. I seek to provide designs that are both uplifting and/or thought provoking. It is my intent that you find something that 'speaks to you' and the way you see the world. Our view of reality shifts as we increase our consciousness and traditional belief systems don't always reflect how we have come to realize things. Perceptions change and the reality we once knew is not the one we now experience. No, I'm not referring to psychosis or fantasy but a spiritual outlook on the world. It's my hope that my designs reflect a bit of that altered consciousness. Fortunately, it is becoming accepted by the 'mainstream culture'(Western world) that various practices known to many, in the Eastern world already for thousands of years, such as meditation and yoga, are avenues to higher consciousness and are available to anyone willing to open themselves to the practices. If you embrace the practice with a sincere and open heart then you cannot be accused of appropriating another's culture. Spiritual disciplines and the like are meant to be shared. So long as you do so with humility and appreciation I feel there is no reason to worry over 'stealing' philosophies from countries other than your own. Not all of my designs are serious though. I do enjoy things considered to be more in the realm of 'fantasy' than spirituality, such as fairies and dragons. But by and large I design with the intention to invoke and provoke new ways of thinking through quotations by Masters (i.e. Lao Tzu) or well regarded regular people from the past most people would recognize (i.e. Helen Keller). I also add my own phrases that I have realized through insights to be true for me. *Calendars that are not posters can be made to whatever year you want. Just click customize and you can change it. *Images and text are a mix of public domain and my own.
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