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Michael Crozz Unlimited
"For the Spiritual Minded"
New York, NY, USA
Über mich/uns
Hello and thank you for visiting. Our message is simple………Spirituality unifies... Religion divides. I use spiritually charged word art, photography, and designs to express spiritual truths we can all relate to no matter the religious background. My desire to create a motivational t-shirt brand is not based on fashion sense at all but is purely driven by a burning desire to create "an inspiring spiritual message" that will provoke thought and awaken higher awareness. I want people passing you by to literally stop you to start a conversation about the meaning of your shirt. My mission is to motivate people internally; spiritually speaking and help them to awaken to the knowledge of their higher-self or simply affirm what they already believe and know to be true. No matter what station in life you're in we all have a higher calling and need guidance along the way. In doing this we can foster a spiritual-based culture that's rooted in compassion and selfless love not religion, control, or fear. Simply by utilizing something as simple as a T-shirt soaked in creative, positive and uplifting messages I hope to uplift a community of like-minded individuals who genuinely live life spiritually in tune and in harmony with themselves and the world they live in. Again, it’s not about religion. We live in an age where religion and ideologies associated with groups of faith have literally perverted the beauty of what that religion really stood for to begin with. So, instead we focus on spiritual principles, spiritual truths, and spiritual experiences whatever the faith may be. We are willing to share our nuggets of gold with others as we pass through life therefore let our t-shirts be more than just shirts but signs and wonders that may encourage others.
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Michael Crozz