Shoppe jetzt einzigartige und persönliche Valentinstagskarten für den romantischten Tag des Jahres. (Achte auch auf unsere Versandzeiten)
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Kiks n' Giggles
Living, Loving, and Laughing with Life's Little Blessings.
Charlotte, NC
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From bundles of joy, to tons of fun, this store is dedicated to life's little blessings, and the people that love them. As a graphic designer and first time dad to be, my son (who is 3 months from being born) has inspired me ways that I could never imagine. As I was trying to come up with a name for the store, my wife asked me to put my hand on her belly. It was the first time I felt my son kick, and I found myself just smiling and laughing. My wife jokingly said, "kicks and giggles." I immediately said, "That's it!" The special thing is that as I was "racking my brain", he helped his dad come up with the name and this will always be the first thing that we created together. Don't forget to
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