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by taryn.mercedes designs
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From art to movement. Become one with nature as you flow through your yoga poses. Flowing Poses integrates the natural movements of your yoga practice into beautiful organic themes. With Flowing Poses leggings, smoothly transpose into a blooming warrior, or invert into a cherry blossom handstand, or become like bamboo in a one-legged side plank. The elegant designs of nature that have long symbolized serenity and rejuvenation in ancient Eastern traditions can become a part of your daily yoga or pilates routine. Focus on your breath as you transform your body into organic art. Be beautiful and strong in a flowing poses tank top to mix or match with your leggings. Carry your things for your yoga practice in a fun tote. Connect with your visions and intentions in an inspiring journal. From me to you. Namaste.
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taryn.mercedes designs
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