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Sacred geometry drawings
Plovdiv, Plovdiv
Über mich/uns
My name is Cveti Dinkova. I'm an artist. Since 2010 paint sacred geometry of the universe. It's a gift of the Spirit. It's science and art, music, everything. This is the ancient forgotten knowledge that each carries in his heart and soul. Now we recalled. We are all created by this geometry and animals, birds, flowers, cosmos. This is a cosmic art - a creative mandala, crop circles and more. What is different in my drawings? Usually they paint mandalas with four or eight leaves in a circle. My are three, six, 12 or 24 pieces in a circle and shapes are different, not only leaves, not only black an white. My paintings are colored and drawing with a compass and pencil - original, creative ideas and singles, illuminated codes and energy paintings, geometric.
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Infinity, eight, eyes abstract pattern
Gentle pattern rainbow
Flower Pink s.g.
Blue Eye Pattern
Geometric Pattern-pink-blue
Hypnotic Torus0
Flower star
12 pointed star
Eternal Bread Mandala
Spiritual Aperture Light Code
Flower of Life-new version
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Cveta Dinkova