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Sacramento , CA, USA
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I moved to California from the east coast in 2005. Though I have always been an illustrator and writer and now film producer/director, I use my art in its many forms to unify people. Art is a less threatening way of sharing the love God shared for my life. As a teen, I felt so trapped I wanted things to end. But God made his love known for me. The fact that I am so precious as His artwork and now His daughter makes my heart beat with the same message to let others know how precious they are. Some of my designs such as "Give a Ten" help promote not drinking and driving, since a dear friend of mine lost her husband in a head on car collision on the freeway. However all my designs promote love, positivity and respect. Enjoy! I use this sites royalties, my book publications and wire wrap jewelry to further fund making my sci fi adventure and documentary films I hope to make at www.eternalfeatherfilm.com
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Coral Tulle Hahn
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