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We've been artists all our lives, loving art class in school and taking art tablets with us on road trips. (Can you imagine drawing in a car ride? Always praying we miss potholes and bumps in the road!) In 2011, we discovered a new type of art design. Or rather, a new place to take it. We could now place our art -our passion- onto stamps, mugs, hats, shirts, note cards, and stationery! This appealed to us greatly with the idea of making notecards; we had tried to go into the card business with our mother when we were younger. But we didn't know how to market, how to sell, and we were doing all the printing ourselves. To say the least, it taught us the challenges of running a business. It was an exciting day for us when we discovered Zazzle. Today, we like creating these designer products for our customers. It gives our minds a chance to be creative for one simple afternoon-long project that we can put our hearts into. We design each product with great love and hopes that you will be able to find a new type of fun with your purchase from our store.
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