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Zurich, Switzerland
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KARIBU SANA Feel the heartbeat of the wild animals and the African savannah... Let you heart feel what your senses experience... Follow me on my adventuresome safari through the endless savannahs and Arcadian acacia forests.. Fühle den Herzschlag der wilden Tiere und der afrikanischen Savanne hautnah.. Lass dein Herz spüren was deine Sinne wahrnehmen.. Begleite mich auf meine abenteuerliche Safari, quer durch die unendlichen Savannen und durch idyllische Akazien Wälder I have spent so much time in the Masai Mara, as well as Samburu, Nakuru, Meru, Mount Kenya spent another interesting park that I was able to observe the behavior of certain animals very closely to understand their habits and actions! Also read the signs I could own with the help of the Wildlife Ranger at Franzis .... I speak from years of experience. It can be seen when the lions go hunting, for me one of the most important and interesting topics was behind the camera! I would have with organized Safari's experience can never learn, remember! Most of the safari are bound in driving up around the lodge and a maximum of 6 hours a day. This is to protect the car and save petrol! As you will see for the other end of the Mara, or at least the middle of the Mara, when after 2 hours back to be? because it takes a good 5 hours one way? 6-8, 10-12, 16-18h! These are the official Safari times. When you're three days in the Mara, one can enjoy the pleasure of one days of it as a picnic day. My trips are only day trips from all over and feel free to discuss the daily routine! Also I do not want anything to chance, such as right place at the right time to be a bit of experience, etc., information, and observations of the animals bring us closer to the goal. Or if you want to watch a lion pride for days in order to experience in hunting, we have to keep them tuned... On request we can make together. Because we want to finally see and photograph! (Nevertheless, no guarantee) So get out into nature and a challenge to our happiness to 100%. Yes you pay good money for it! The mere admission of $ 60 PER DAY! Then, to sleep in the tent? Or splashing in the pool? Then Sun Holidays announced and not Safari. You can take a nap in the car... simple, dignified, just be yourself and those unique moments with each breath ENJOY! that's my motto! Food we take... and if it was not enough, we beat the evening two or three times to ... and the next day we take everything! For more info I am happy to help and happy to present you one of my programs without obligation to ... soon Rocco Thanks for your visitation
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