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Artsprojekt in collaboration with artist and former pro skateboarder Andy Howell is an outlet for edgy new artists and brands to put up a presence and sell their art through Zazzle.

— CNET News

Andy Howell has pushed the artistic envelope for decades, so it makes sense that he’s taking on the World Wide Web.

— Transworld Skateboarding

These aren’t trashy little K-Mart boards - nothin’ but good ol’ seven-ply maple, just as it should be. At a base-price of $60 bucks, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind custom board for just about the same price you’d pay for any old off-the-shelf deck.

— Boing Boing Gadgets

You take your design, throw it into Zazzle’s customization system, and they’ll print it up and have it out the door within 24 hours.

— Crunch Gear

The site design is super clean and already offers a multitude of skatedecks to buy, from both brands and artists and a lot of interesting profiles have been added too.

— High Snobiety

ARTSPROJEKT and Zazzle developed an on-demand skateboard printing system that allows anyone to put their art on a skateboard. Also, artsprojekt has a lineup of art from amazing artists and brands for you to choose from.

— Skateboard Works

I actually got to see first-hand this insane technology and the quality of the final printed deck, and I was blown away. It seriously was like looking at a Giclee print on a skate deck.

— Alex Pardee quote from Josh Spear

ARTSPROJEKT, a new online “interactive and culturally relevant online community for the arts, pop culture and action sports” has teamed up with print-on-demand company Zazzle to make high-tech, high-art skate decks.

— Toy Cyte

An amazing project by the great ex pro skater and established artist Andy Howell.

— My Computer Love

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